How to connect with Remote Desktop (RDP) on Windows 10

This guide will take you step by step through, how to connect with Remote Desktop (RDP) on Windows 10 to a server.

Step 1. First, click on "Start".

Step 2. Next, type "connect" or "remote desktop connect" and you should get the Remote Desktop Connection program in the search list, as shown below.

Step 3. As "Computer", I choose to connect through the IP address, as shown below, but you can also use the name of the computer or server.

Step 4. After I have typed in the IP address, I choose the "Show Options", so I am able to save a shortcut on the desktop + I am able to choose the user account I want to connect with. Finally I hit "Connect".

Step 5. Then get prompted to enter the password for the user account that I choose earlier, as shown below. Enter the password and hit "OK".

Step 6. Last, I get a warning about the remote computer that I try to connect to, due to the security certificate. Here you can check if it is the right computer you are trying to connect too aswell. Here you also have the possibility to check that out aswell for next time (not always that works though) - Click "Yes", when you want to proceed and then you should logged into the remote computer.

Hope it have been usefull and if you have any improvements for this guide, let me know here