How to install Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS)

This guide will take you step by step through how to install Active Directory Domain Service on server 2012 R2, though this is just a basic installation, so I am not going through everything that is possible to setup.

Step 1. Choose "Add roles and features", as shown below with a red square.

Step 2. The start of the wizard, you get some info and if you want to jump over that, just hit "Next", as shown below.

Step 3. Then you have to choose if its a role-based or feature-based installation or Remote Desktop Service - as standard, it have already picked role-based or feature-based installation, which is also the one we need here so "Next", as shown below.

Step 4. Next, you need to choose which server you wish to install the new role or feature. Here you several options, but as standard it have already picked "Select a server from the server pool" and if you only have the one server, it is marked aswell, as shown below. Hit "Next", if it is correct.

Step 5. Now you have the list of roles that you can install on your server, here you checkmark "Active directory Domain Services", as shown below.

Step 6. After checkmarking "Active Directory Domain Services", you get this popup where you choose "Add Features", as shown below.

Step 7. Next, you get the list of the features you can install and here "Group Policy Management" have already been checkmarked, so just hit "Next" here, as shown below.

Step 8. Wizard shows some things to note about Active Directory Domain Services, so if you do not want to read this, hit "Next", as shown below.

Step 9. Confirm on what you have choosen to install, if you agree on it, then hit "Install", as shown below.

Step 10. When the installation is done, as shown below, you can hit "Close", for closing the wizard.

Hope it have been usefull and if you have any improvements for this guide, let me know here