How to configure Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

This guide will take you step by step through the configuration of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) on Server 2012 R2

Step 1. After the install, we need to configure the DHCP aswell. Hit the flag in the top bar, as shown with a red square below.

Step 2. Choose "Complete DHCP configuration", as shown below.

Step 3. hit the "Next", when you are done reading the info or just wanna move on.

Step 4. The authorization is important and cant be done with any account. If you are not logged ind with the right administrator rights, you wont be able to complete the configuration. If you are unsure about your user rights, choose "alternate credentials" and use the local administrator account, as this account have the need rights on the server. Type in the red square if you have the correct rights with your current user or the orange square, if you are unsure, as shown below and then "Commit".

Step 5. If you have typed in an account with the correct rights, you will see a screen like the one below marked with a green sqaure. If not, then hit "Previous" and type in a user with the correct administrator rights and try again. Otherwise hit "Close".

Step 6. Next, we have to set up a scope for the DHCP. Hit the "Tools" in the top bar as shown with a red square.

Step 7. Then find "DHCP" on the list, as shown below with the red square.

Step 8. Expand, in the left side, as shown with a red square.

Step 9. Right click on the IPv4, as shown below.

Step 10. Choose "New Scope..." in the menu, as shown below with a red square.

Step 11. hit "Next" in the wizard to continue, as shown below.

Step 12. Pick a name for the scope and description (optional), as shown below with the red square and hit "Next" (green square).

Step 13. Enter the scope range - what is the first and last IP in the scope that can be assigned to a client + which subnet to be used and hit "Next" when done.

NOTE: Its very important that you already have subnetted correctly before you setup the scope(s) otherwise it could get messy.

Step 14. Next, if you wanna exclude some IP addresses in the scope that you choose, you can add them here and they will not be assigned to a client by the DHCP server.

Step 15. Next up, is how long the clients keep their IP address, before they have to renegotiate an IP address. Standard is 8 days and as I am setting up a virtual environment, I have not changed that.

Step 16. Then you have to choose if you wanna configure the picked options now or later, as shown below with red square and hit "Next" when done.

Step 17. Here, you have the option to add a default gateway, that the DHCP server will distribute to the clients that get an IP address from it, as shown below I have choosen a default gateway.

Step 18. As mentioned, I added a default gateway - If you have more than one, you have the possibility to add more than one, as shown below.

Step 19. Next up, you need to choose which DNS servers the DHCP server should distribute to the clients, I have picked DHCP server itself only, as that is the only one I have for this setup, as shown in the red square below. If you have more than add the ones you want to use and then hit "Next".

Step 20. Next, you have the option to add server addresses for WINS, but I dont use that, I have not added any, as shown below in the red square. Hit "Next", when you have added some or want to move on.

Step 21. Final question, is if you want to activate the scope now or later, as shown below.

Step 22. You have now completed the wizard for setting up a new scope on the DHCP server and it should be ready now. Hit "Finish" to close the wizard.

Hope it have been usefull and if you have any improvements for this guide, let me know here