How to configure Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS)

Step 1. hit the flag in the top right corner of the dashboard, as shown below.

Step 2. It will expand and you have the possibility to configure the Active Directory Domain Service, that you have installed, click on it as shown below to start the configuration.

Step 3. As this is the first domain, we will "Add a new forest", as shown below and type the name of it, then hit "Next". 1. red square -> 2. orange square -> 3. green square.

Step 4. In case you need to Restore your domain, you need to set a password for this, which is what you do in this step + you can choose to have the domain to work on older systems (is not marked).

Step 5. Specifying a DNS delegation is not needed to set here, so just over this step.

Step 6. NetBIOS domain name is auto filled, so just check if you are happy with it and then hit "Next", as shown below.

Step 7. Next, you get a chance to change where it stores the files for the domain, shown in the red square, if you do not wanna change that, hit "Next".

Step 8. Now you get a check list with the configuration you have choosen for the domain, which gives you a chance to look it through and see if everything is right, if so hit "Next".

Step 9. Finally, it makes a check with the configuration you have choosen to see if it is possible and gives you any remarks if there are any, as shown below. Hit "Install", when ready and after that your domain is up.

Hope it have been usefull and if you have any improvements for this guide, let me know here