How to install AD DS role in 2008 R2

This guide will take you through step by step how to install AD DS (Active Directory Domain Service) on Microsoft Server 2008 R2.

Step 1. First, choose "Add roles", as show below.

Step 2. Then hit "Next".

Step 3. Now, set a tick at "Active Directory Domain Services", as shown below and hit "Next".

Step 4. When you tick "Active Directory Domain Services" it will prompt you for requesting to add a feature required for the service to be install, choose "Add Required Features", as shown below.

Step 5. And hit "Next", unless you want to read the info.

Step 6. Confirm which roles and features you are going to install, if it correct, hit "Install", as shown below.

Step 7. Finally, you get an overview after the roles and features have been installed and if it have succeeded, if everything is OK, you should be able to hit "Close", as shown below.

Hope it have been usefull and if you have any improvements for this guide, let me know here