How to configure DHCP in 2008 R2

This guide will take you through the steps on how to configure a scope for your DHCP server on Server 2008 R2. Scope being used in this guide is:

Step 1. First, choose "Server Manager", as shown below.

Step 2. Then extend "Roles" -> "DHCP Server" -> "dcserv2008r2" (name of your server).

Step 3. Then right-click on "IPv4" and choose "New Scope...", as shown below.

Step 4. A wizard for making a new scope, should have started - hit "Next", when ready to begin the wizard, as shown below.

Step 5. Choose a name for the scope with description, if you like, as shown below.

Step 6. Now, define the scope your DHCP server should use and hit "Next", as shown below.

Step 7. Next, you have the chance to exclude some of the IP addresses in the scope and I have choosen to exclude from .1 to .99 and .200 to .254, so I will have 100 IP addresses available for hosts, as shown below.

Step 8. Here you have to decide what the release time on IP addresses should be, standard is 8 days, as shown below. Hit "Next", when ready.

Step 9. Now, you need to decide wether you want to give information about default gateway, DNS and WINS servere when clients obtain an IP addresse fra the DHCP server. Choose "Yes...." and hit "Next", as shown below to continue the guide.

Step 10. Then you have to decide which default gateway, the clients should get from DHCP server and hit "Next".

Step 11. Now, choose which DNS servers you wish to set for your clients, as shown below and hit "Next".

Step 12. Write the WINS Servers you want to use, if you want to use any. As I dont want to use any, I just hit "Next", as shown with red square.

Step 13. Choose to activate the scope now and hit "Next", as shown below.

Hope it have been usefull and if you have any improvements for this guide, let me know here